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About Mansfield and Pontefract

About an hour away of Canada’s National Capital Region, Mansfield-et-Pontefract is one of the largest municipalities of the MRC Pontiac in the Outaouais. Renowned for its exceptional natural environment and its tranquility, it’s the ideal environment to settle a family or start a business project!


Shopping Center along Route 148

Today, you’ll find many established businesses along and around provincial highway 148 (rue Principale), such as gas stations, auto parts, car washes, body shops, small engine repair and sales, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, convenience stores, variety stores, hair salons, hardware stores and building supply stores, to name just a few;

Mansfield & Pontefract offers a unique opportunity in the heart of the Outaouais region, benefiting from a booming economy and proximity to key tourist attractions. With its location near the Village du Fort Coulonge and easy access to Highway 148, this community is ideally connected. The municipality promotes innovation and sustainable development, creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves in Pontiac.

Excellence in Education

Sieur-de-Coulonge High School, located at 250 Chemin de la Chute in Mansfield-et-Pontefract, is an educational pillar for local youth, offering a setting conducive to academic excellence and personal development. Part of the Centre de Services Scolaires des Hauts-Bois-de-l’Outaouais, this institution illustrates the importance of collaboration between schools and families to foster student success, notably through initiatives such as National Parental Involvement in Education Week.

Not far away, l‘école des Petits-Ponts in Fort-Coulonge completes the educational offering, preparing young people for a smooth transition to secondary school. The synergy between these two establishments ensures a solid educational continuum, enriching the lives of local students.

History and Adventure

On a visit to Mansfield and Pontefract, visitors discover a rich collection of historic and natural attractions that embody the spirit and history of the region. For history buffs, the George Bryson House is a vibrant testament to the area’s lively past, particularly its role in the timber industry. Converted into a museum, this historic home offers guided tours that delve into the life of George Bryson, a 19th-century pioneer, and his significant contributions to the economic development of the Pontiac region.

And for those seeking adventure and contact with nature, Mansfield and Pontefract don’t disappoint. Parc des Chutes Coulonge offers an exhilarating experience, with zip-line courses over breathtaking waterfalls and kayaking opportunities along the Ottawa River. These activities not only offer a thrilling encounter with the region’s stunning natural landscapes, but also allow visitors to interact with the region’s waterways in a unique and memorable way.

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