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The Municipality

Mansfield and Pontefract, located in the MRC Pontiac region of the Outaouais, is a place where the serenade of the river is omnipresent. Known for its world-renowned whitewater rapids, the community invites adventurers to experience the natural symphony of rushing water. Chutes Coulonge, a majestic site that combines natural beauty and history, adds to the region’s appeal, resonating with the subtle melody of flowing streams. In this community, the harmonious blend of natural splendor and cultural richness creates a unique living experience, both tranquil and dynamic.


Our Municipality

Explore the education and healthcare systems available in Mansfield and Pontefract, as well as the activities that enrich the life of our community.

Delve into Mansfield and Pontefract’s past, where every chapter of history contributes to our community’s unique story.


Mayor and Council

Meet Mansfield and Pontefract’s dedicated leaders in our Council and Mayor Sandra Armstrong.

Discover the decisions that shape our community by accessing detailed minutes of Mansfield and Pontefract Municipal Council meetings.

Find contact information and job titles for our staff in the Mansfield and Pontefract employee directory.


Discover the rules that guide our Mansfield and Pontefract communities.

Explore career opportunities and join our team where your skills and passion can contribute to the growth and success of our community.

Find important municipal updates and news about what’s happening in Mansfield and Pontefract, ensuring you’re well-informed about your community.

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