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Employee Directory

Éric Rochon, Director General

Éric Rochon holds the position of Director General for the Municipality of Mansfield et Pontefract, having been in this role since September 2008. This marks a notable tenure of over 15 years, demonstrating his long-term commitment to the community​​. His scope of work encompasses a variety of essential municipal operations. For instance, during electoral seasons, Mr. Rochon steps into the role of head of elections, overseeing the recruitment process to ensure adequate staffing for the smooth operation of polling stations​​.

Mr. Rochon’s enduring service to Mansfield and Pontefract demonstrates a dedicated approach to the effective administration of municipal operations, ensuring that the community’s needs are met efficiently. His long tenure testifies to his experience and the trust placed in him by the community.

Éric Rochon can be reached by e-mail


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