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Below you will find a complete overview of municipal and government services in Mansfield and Pontefract, from waste management to safety initiatives and our recreational and cultural programs. Our goal is to simplify and enrich your daily life in our community, ensuring a safer and more pleasant experience for all citizens. 


The MRC Pontiac property assessment tool provides you with current and accurate information to estimate the value of your property.

Get information on payment methods. Understand your responsibilities and options for managing municipal taxes.

Schedules, materials accepted and special collection events. Make a positive impact on the environment by following our recycling and waste disposal guidelines.

Local Services

Mansfield and Pontefract is served by the Campbell’s Bay branch of the Quebec Provincial Police. You’ll find contact information for this branch and many other emergency services here in Pontiac.

Learn more about the dedicated services of the Mansfield and Pontefract Fire Department! You’ll find information on fire safety, prevention tips and the team committed to protecting our community.

Discover comprehensive healthcare services in Mansfield and Pontefract – from emergency services to routine checkups, find out how our healthcare facilities are dedicated to your well-being.

Our schools page offers information on education in Mansfield and Pontefract. Discover the programs, activities and community involvement that enrich the learning experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of books and resources at the Mansfield and Pontefract Library! Discover a space for learning, creativity and community connection.

Find out more about the services that keep our municipality running smoothly, including road maintenance, snow removal and municipal projects.

Parc Amyotte is a multi-purpose facility located along Highway 148 and near the Pont Marchand. Open to all residents, the Parc includes a baseball field, hockey rink/basketball court, children’s playground and performance stage.

This page provides crucial information on how to receive timely and accurate notifications of emergency situations and important community updates. Sign up to stay in the loop!

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