Air-Medic Service for the TNO

Following a request from the community, the Council of the TNO of Lac Nilgaut issued a survey to find out the ratepayers’ desire to receive Air-Medic coverage in case of emergency. This service, at a cost of $16 per lease, would allow users of the TNO to have access to a helicopter service in case of a medical emergency. 

For the past few years, members of ZECS and outfitters have had access to this service. Since economies of scale were in order, and considering the results of the survey issued to ratepayers were unanimously in favour of the service, the TNO Council signed an agreement with Air-Medic for this coverage, which will be charged to their municipal tax bill.

All resort leaseholders, with the exception of those located within ZECS and outfitters, are now covered by this service, effective January 1, 2022. This coverage also applies to their families and guests.

We invite you to consult the below document for the following information:

  • Air-Medic contact information
  • Instructions to communicate in case of emergency
  • Air-Medic signage
  • Preparation of a landing site
  • Preparation of the casualty
  • Safe approach of the helicopter
  • Night operations.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the MRC team:
Julien Gagnon, Public Safety/Civil Security Coordinator 819-648-5689 ext. 242
Richard Pleau, Fire Prevention Technician 819-648-5689 ext. 215


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