Avis public

Nous relevons depuis un certain temps une augmentation significative des tonnages de déchets ainsi qu’une baisse dans la cueillette des matières recyclables. 

Office closing

In order to respect the different levels of government linked to COVID-19, the Municipality of Mansfield will close these offices for an indefinite period.

Public notice

The municipality if Mansfield-et-Pontefract would like to inform you that, Followinf a major break in the municipality water system on to corner of Poirier-Herault near the Metro, we ask you to boil the water for at least one minute before consuming it. 

Public notice

An election notice has been posted on our site, under municipal life then municipal election 2021, for all those who wish to present their candidacy for the Mansfield-et-Pontefract municipal council.

Public notice

Two new important notices have just been posted in the Public Notice section.

One concerning the restriction of drinking water consumption and the other on wastewater treatment in the municipalities of Mansfield and Fort-Coulonge.

Public notice

Two new public notices have been posted on our website

You can consult these two documents on our Public Notice page

Nouveau règlement

La municipalité adopte un nouveau règlement abrogeant le règlement N°2009-013 pour permettre la circulation de certains Véhicules hors route sur tous les chemins municipaux.

Avis public

La municipalité publie un avis public de consultation publique écrite s’adressant aux personnes et organismes désirant s’exprimer sur le projet de règlement 2021-003 

Révision de l'Avis public - COVID-19

aucun cas officiellement positif de COVID-19 n’est actuellement répertoriédans le Pontiac...

Compost & Reclyglage

The Municipality of Mansfield informs you of the possibilities of composting and recycling. Find all of its new information in the "Recycling and Garbage" section of the practical info menu.